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SABAH, November 3 2022 – Senior Defence Minister, YB Dato'Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein in his work visit to Sabah and Sarawak announced PERNAMA will reduce their products’ price in all 93 PERNAMA chain stores all over the nation to help lessen the burden of defence members’ daily expenses.

KELANTAN, November 1 2022 – Ministry of Defence and Malaysian Armed Forces always prioritizes its unfortunate members’ welfare.

JAKARTA, November 2 2022 – Ministry of Defence Malaysia through the Defence Industry Department (BIP) participated in the Indo Defence 2022 Exhibition held at Jakarta International Expo, Indonesia.

JOHOR, November 1 2022 – The Malaysian Army through the 3rd Infantry Division Malaysia are among the earliest to help agencies and PBT in giving water supply to 5,000 residents who are affected due to the supply disruption around Pasir Gudang.

KUALA LUMPUR, November 2 2022 – In conjunction of November as the National Integrity Month, MINDEF Integrity Day 2022 Celebration was held at the Auditorium and Ministry of Defence Lobby Compound.

KUANTAN, October 30 2022 - Aspirasi Keluarga Malaysia (AKM) Tour Programme at Sultan Ahmad Shah International Convention Centre (SASICC) and Stadium Darul Makmur compound, Kuantan ended its journey.