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KUALA LUMPUR, November 15 2022 – According to SPR, a total of 146, 737 Malaysian Armed Force members and spouse are involved on the day of the early voting as gazzeted by the Election Comission (EC) for the 15th General Election (GE15).

SEBERANG PERAI, November 8 2022 – Malaysian Army through the 3rd Royal Armoured Corps Regiment carried out BERSATU MURNI Exercise through collaboration with Public Authorities (PBA) rescue agencies starting 26 until 27 October 2022.

PASIR MAS, November 14 2022 – Malaysian Army through the 8th Malaysian Infantry Brigade continues to mobilize, rescuing and transferring flood victims trapped in their house at Kampung Gual Tok Deh, Pasir Mas.

SEMPORNA, November 5 2022 – The Naval Special Warfare Forces carried out PASKAL Familiarization Free Fall Strengthening Training involving Maritime Operations Helicopters (HOM) AW 139 to complete the training.

SABAH, November 10 2022 – Secretary General, YBhg. Dato’ Sri Muez Abd Aziz completed ‘A Day with Media’ Programme organized in collaboration with Ministry of Defence and Joint Task Force 2 Headquarters (ATB 2) where it was participated by media agencies around Sabah. This event was held at Sri Wangsa Camp and Pulau Pandanan, Semporna.

KUALA LUMPUR, November 4 2022 – The Malaysian Army through the 4th Division Formation organized Army Level Obstacle Course and Marching Skills Test (UKMHK TD) Competition Year 2022.