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Sandakan, 26 February 2023 – Malaysia Maritime Command Centre (MCC) Tawau under the operational control of the Joint Task Force 2 Headquarters received information regarding the ML RIHANA passenger boat from the Philippines that suffered engine damage and drifted in the waters of Tagupi, Lahad Datu on the 24th of February.

Following that, Tawau MMC coordinated KD TODAK through the Sea Region Headquarters Operation Centre 2 and Joint Regional Command Centre (JRCC) to monitor ML RIHANA and provide sufficient humanitarian aid.

Due to the rough waves and strong winds, KD TODAK was only able to provide water supply and monitor ML RIHANA until the Philippines were able to help in the early morning on 26 February 2023.

In the early hours of 25 February, KD TODAK successfully towed ML RIHANA to the waters of Tg Labian to anchor and take shelter from the poor weather while waiting for further assistance from the Philippines.

KD TODAK also provided food supplies to ML RIHANA’s crew and passengers as they were running out of food supplies.

Source: Joint Forces Headquarters