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Kuala Lumpur, 22 February 2023 – A total of 500 MAF veterans were awarded The Malaysian Service Medal (PJM) in a ceremony that took place at Dewan Ababil, Subang Air Base.

Chief of Air Force, Gen Tan Sri Mohd Asghar Khan Goriman Khan who represented the Chief of Defence Forces, Gen Tan Sri Affendi Buang, presented The Malaysian Service Medal (PJM).

Among the main criteria to receive the PJM is to serve in a continuous operation for more than three months, or to directly or indirectly serve not less than six months in any MAF team or formation for the period of 1 January 1969 to 2 December 1989 for the operation against the Malayan Communist Party (PKM).

Additionally, officers who lost their lives, sustained injuries, or become disabled due to the duty against PKM terrorists for the period 1 January 1969 to 2 December 1969, or against the PKKU terrorists for the period 1 January to 17 October 1990, were also eligible to receive the PJM.

To this date, a total of 34,132 MAF veterans have been awarded the PJM while veterans who are eligible and are yet to receive it will be scheduled to be awarded in the near future.

Source: VAD MAF