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SEMPORNA, November 5 2022 – The Naval Special Warfare Forces carried out PASKAL Familiarization Free Fall Strengthening Training involving Maritime Operations Helicopters (HOM) AW 139 to complete the training.

The presence of HOM AW 139 Air Asset since last July gave an added value to MAF special force like PASKAL in enhancing their skills especially in attack mission.

In ensuring all exercise and operation planned succeeds, hence this HOM AW 139 was flown by the 503 Squadron Command Officer himself, Commander Hairul Afikin bin Tukimin RMN and assisted by Lt Cdr Roni bin Temu RMN and Lt Cdr Mohd Khairur Adnan bin Baharudin RMN.

The objective of this training is to enhance the true skills and abilities of the air operation PASKAL Attack Team besides enabling them to make preparation in facing real operation and the Parachute Between Services championship preparation.

With the involvement of more than 50 officers and members from the second unit (PASKAL and Squadron 503), this free fall training was carried out at Drop Zone (DZ) KDSM Mini Stadium held last 26 until 28 October 2022.

This training is not an easy thing to do because it requires commitment in continuous training, effective communication between Drop Zone Safety Officer (DZSO) and in the field with the aircraft.

Apart from free fall at a height of 10,000 and 5,000 feet, other special operations like Rapid Abseiling Vertical Option (RAVO), Fast Roping, Water Jump, Spie Rig, Aerial Sniping and Roll Duck are among the insertion and extraction method that were carried out with the RMN air asset.

Source: Eastern Fleet Command Headquarters