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BUTTERWORTH, April 15, 2022 – The Breaking-of-Fast Ceremony with the Malaysian Armed Forces Chief begins with the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF).

The Chief of the Malaysian Armed Forces, General Tan Sri Dato' Sri Hj Affendi bin Buang RMAF and his wife, YAM Tengku Puteri Seri Teja Puan Sri Hajah Tengku Muhaini binti Almarhum Sultan Hj Ahmad Shah, the Chairperson of MAF BAKAT Supreme Council, breaking fast with around 150 RMAF members at Wisma Ahli Udara, Butterworth Air Base on the 15th of Ramadhan 1443H.

Their arrival was welcomed by the Air Force Chief, General Dato' Sri Mohd Asghar Khan bin Goriman Khan RMAF and his wife, Datin Sri Bibi Nasratjahan binti Gulab Khan; Services Commander and RMAF Senior Officers together with their spouses; Butterworth Air Base Commander, Brigadier General Norli Hisham bin Alwi RMAF and his wife, Puan Ros Hana binti Ariffin, Chairperson of Butterworth Air Base BAKAT, as the host of today's ceremony.

At the breaking of fast ceremony, there were also children from Madrasah Tahfiz Hidayatul Ulum in Teluk Ayer Tawar and Madrasah Tahfiz Nikmatul Iman in Penaga. The event began with Captain Nik Saiful Adli bin Abdullah, Base Religious Officer, reciting the breaking of fast doa and LKpl Kamalul Azmi bin Ahmad, Assistant for Islamic Affairs, reciting the azan.

Following the breaking of fast, the Malaysian Armed Forces Chief and his wife, as well as the guests, performed Maghrib, Isyak, 8 rak'ahs of Tarawih, and Witr, which were led by the Base Religious Officer at Surau Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi, Butterworth Airbase.

After performing the prayers, the ceremony continued with moreh. As a sign of concern, the Chairperson of MAF BAKAT Supreme Council, accompanied by the Chairperson of Air Force BAKAT, presented donations in the form of cash and goods to 48 members with chronic illnesses, spouses, and children with chronic health conditions, as well as special needs children.

Furthermore, as a token of appreciation and concern, the Chairperson of MAF BAKAT Supreme Council provided a contribution to purchase printers for the use of Air Force BAKAT activities at Butterworth Airbase.

Next, the Chief presented donations to the children of Tahfiz Madrasah who were present at the ceremony.

As a sign of concern from the Malaysian Armed Forces, the base's Armed Forces Hospital (RSAT) received four (4) wheelchairs, which were presented to the Medical Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Zarina Zakiah binti Zainudin, to be used by those in need.

He also donated laptops to be used by the base. The welfare of MAF members is the responsibility of its leadership, which is consistent with the second pillar of the 21st Malaysian Armed Forces Chief Superior Order. It focuses on strengthening welfare needs, family well-being, and quality of life while ensuring the family institution of MAF members remains dynamic through the role of BAKAT.

The RMAF also appreciates and is grateful for the concern and support shown by the Malaysian Armed Forces Chief and his wife towards the RMAF members.


Credit: Royal Malaysian Air Force