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SABAH, May 5, 2022 – On May 2, 2022, the Malaysian Army Chief (PTD), General Tan Sri Dato' Seri Zamrose Mohd Zain, and senior leadership of the Army (TD), celebrated Hari Raya with army personnel at the 7th Battalion of the Royal Malay Regiment (7 RAMD), Tawau.

The ceremony, which was also attended by Lieutenant General Dato' Mardzuki Muhammad, Eastern Field Command Commander (PMT TD), celebrated the on-duty personnel who are conducting border operations.

It is in line with the theme of the 89th Malaysian Army Day, "The Malaysian Army's Family Well-being a Priority, Nation's Sovereignty Guaranteed," which emphasises the aspect of its members' well-being and welfare in maintaining morale and spirit to better perform their duties in protecting national sovereignty and interests.

Therefore, on this occasion, a total of 17 less fortunate members and three new converts were presented with the Musaadah Ramadan donation, while Aidilfitri contributions were also presented to the 13th Malaysian Infantry Brigade (13 Brigade) team, which is comprised of the Seventh Battalion of the Royal Malay Army Regiment (7 RAMD), the 26th Battalion of the Royal Malay Army Regiment (26 RAMD), the 8th Battalion Border Regiment (8 RS), the 13 Brigade Workshop (13 Wksp Bgd), and the 516 Territorial Army Regiment (516 AW Regiment).

Apart from that, the Malaysian Army Chief and the Army Eastern Field Command Commander also had the opportunity to hold a special video conference with Formation Commanders and Malaysian Army members who are operating locally and abroad, such as MALBATT 850-9 in Lebanon, TPA-16 in Mindanao, Philippines, and all TD Core Operations in Malaysia.

To make this ceremony more meaningful, it was further celebrated with the Hari Raya tradition of presenting duit raya to more than 50 children of Malaysian Army members who were present at the event. The uniqueness of this celebration was the Hari Raya decoration of the villages in Kampung Kubota, which concluded with a spectacular fireworks display. 


Source: Malaysian 5th Infantry Division Headquarters