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KUALA LUMPUR, April 18, 2022 – The Deputy Defence Minister, Dato' Sri Ikmal Hisham bin Abdul Aziz, attended the get-together and breaking of fast ceremony with the MAF Veterans Associations at Wisma Perwira ATM.

A dialogue session with 80 MAF Veterans Associations throughout the nation was conducted as part of the event. This session is aimed at obtaining feedback from the veterans on the issues that arise in order to protect the welfare of the association and its members. 

Also, it is a platform to disseminate information to the members regarding the association's direction in protecting the welfare of its members, establishing a network of strategic cooperation between the association and the Department, and establishing a dynamic veterans association.

The government, through the Ministry of Defence, will constantly strive to establish measures in an effort to empower MAF veterans and to enhance their quality of life.

The government has spent an estimated RM427,034,899.64 million on welfare assistance since 2020 until present.

Among the most recent initiatives implemented by the Ministry for MAF Veterans are government financial assistance, financial aid by the MAF Veterans Foundation, food basket distribution during the COVID-19 pandemic, the MAF Veterans Housing Initiative Programme, and the MAF Cakna Veterans Programme.

Several initiatives and socioeconomic improvement plan for MAF Veterans have also been designed and successfully implemented, including Myveteranmall, Gig Career-Code 7, RMN Veteran Entrepreneur Expo 2022, Collaboration of SOCSO-Myfuturejobs, 'Usahawan Tani Desatera,' Wildlife Rangers, and the Green Army, to ensure that veterans continue to have access to second career opportunities after their military service.

The incentives by the government for MAF veterans are a token of gratitude for their service and dedication in putting their lives on the line and committing their time and effort to protecting national sovereignty. We should appreciate those who have served and given their lives in defence of our beloved country.

The ceremony was also attended by the Service Commanders as well as the senior leadership of MAF and MINDEF.