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KUALA LUMPUR, March 4, 2022 – The Royal Malaysian Air Force Chief, General Tan Sri Ackbal bin Hj Abdul Samad RMAF, was honoured and celebrated by the RMAF personnel at Wisma Pertahanan.

He was accompanied by the Deputy Chief of the Air Force, Lieutenant General Dato’ Sri Mohd Asghar Khan bin Goriman Khan RMAF; Air Operations Commander, Lieutenant General Dato’ Indera Hj Mohammad Salleh bin Hj Osman RMAF; Air Support Commander, Lieutenant General Dato’ Indera Muhamad Norazlan bin Aris RMAF; Air Educations and Training Commander, Major General Dato' Mohd Shahada bin Ismail; and RMAF senior officers.

The 19th RMAF Chief then took the salute from the Guard of Honour (KKU) carrying the No. 16 Squadron flag, consisting of four (4) officers and 137 members of Other Ranks, led by Major Norazman bin Rusli RMAF as the leader, assisted by Captain Mohammad Izzudin bin Mohamed Sidek RMAF, and together with Captain Hamdi bin Ahmad Hanafi RMAF as the standard-bearer, along with the Royal Malaysian Air Force Live Band, led by Captain Sabri bin Hamil RMAF.

The RMAF personnel conducted the street lining customary send-off as a sign of respect and appreciation to General Tan Sri Ackbal RMAF. The event went along with a doa recitation from PS1 Religion, KAGAT Air Force Headquarters, Lieutenant Colonel Salahuddin bin Shafiee, prayed for his well-being, success, and contentment in this world and the hereafter before he boarded the ZU 1 vehicle, passing through the parade at Balai Pengawal KEMENTAH, and left Wisma Pertahanan.

All RMAF personnel extended their heartfelt appreciation to General Tan Sri Ackbal bin Hj Abdul Samad RMAF for his 42-year service and dedication to the country, up until his last post as the 19th Chief of the Royal Malaysian Air Force. Thank you very much, Commander!

Credit: Royal Malaysian Air Force