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KELANTAN, March 5, 2022 – The Deputy Defence Minister, Dato' Sri Ikmal Hisham bin Abdul Aziz, accompanied by the Commander of the 8th Brigade, Brigadier General Abu Hasan Assha'ari bin Kamis @ Shaffiee, inaugurated the "Jiwa Murni Pemimpin dan Tentera Bersama Rakyat" Programme in Felda Kemahang 1, Felda Kemahang 2 and Felda Kemahang 3.

In this programme, the military helps out with gotong-royong to clean up areas around Felda Kemahang 1, Felda Kemahang 2, and Felda Kemahang 3. Among the participating teams were those under the 8th Brigade, namely 16 RAMD, 1 RS and 5 RAD.

On the same occasion, the 8th Brigade also had the opportunity to hold the “Territorial Army Career Promotion Programme,” organised by Regiment 506 (AW).

The programme aims to provide current and future generations, particularly youths, with an understanding of the Army's actual functions, duties, and responsibilities. Also, it functions to pique their interest in serving the country through their involvement in the Territorial Army.

This PJM programme is aligned with the Fifth Pillar of the 28th Chief of the Malaysian Army Superior Order, namely "Improving Army and Civil Relations", and is in line with the keyword of the 8th Brigade Commander Superior Command, which emphasises cooperation between the military and the people. Also, this initiative provides opportunities for the military to continuously contribute to the community.