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MS ISO 9001:2015 Certification
Management of defence policy, administration and management of resources for national defence and ensuring control of all departments in MinDef that encompasses the following processes:
Accounts Division

- Payment Management
- Accounts Management

Internal Audit and General Investigation Division

- Online Finance Management Auditing (AIMS)
- Finance Management Auditing (Manual)

Policy and Strategic Planning Division

- Parliament Services Management
- Meeting Secretariat Management

Defence Industry Division

- Determination and Monitoring of Offset Programmes

Finance Division

- Preparation of Estimated Operating Expenditure
- Monitoring of Operating Expenditure Performance
- Processing of Expenditure Approval
- Management of Payment

Information Management Division

- Development and Implementation of System Application
- Backup and Recovery Management

Human Resource Management Division

- Training
- Management of Replacement / Promotions
- Confirmation of Positions
- Retirement
- Recruitment and Placement Handling

Management Services Division

- Building Maintenance
- Management of Official Vehicle Application
- Management of Salaries and Allowances
- Management of Protocol Services
- Store Verification
- Loss and Write-off
- Management of Asset Disposal

Development Division

- Preparation of Design and Development Plans
- Preparation of Reports on Delayed & Problematic Projects
- Preparation of Contract Completion Document

Procurement Division

- Tenders
- Quotations

Justice Advocate Department

- Selection of Chief Judge and Monitoring of Proceedings

Defence Reserve Depot

- Inspection of Defence Reserve Stock
- Calibration of Defence Reserve Stock

Strategic Communication Unit

- Media Management
- Complaints Management
- Management of Visitors’ Pass Issuance
- Management of News Coverage

Legal Department

- Contract Document Verification