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Innovative & Creative Circle (ICC)

Innovative & Creative Circle (ICC) refers to a small group of workers from the same work unit or across departments who meet regularly to identify, select and analyze problems associated with work and submit a proposal to management for consideration and to carry out the suggestions once approved.

The main objectives of this Convention are as follows:

appreciation and recognition

To appreciate and give recognition to the staff involved in the ICC by giving them a chance to present their ideas;


To convince that the ICC can help the Management in solving work related problems and carry out continuous improvement;


To prove and give confidence to the Public Service that the ICC can be adopted in the public sector;


To obtain feedback on problems faced in implementing the ICC in the public sector in order to enhance the effectiveness of the ICC program

ICC groups are advised not to discuss the following issues in the process of identifying projects / problems, as follows:

Department Policies;
Union Agreements;
Disciplinary issues;
Personal matters;
Salary and allowances;
Service terms and conditions;
Segregation of Duties;
Promotion policies and;
Other matters not related to work issues.