Star Rating System (SSR)



The Star Rating System (SSR) was introduced by the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) in early 2007. The Honourable Prime Minister suggested that the star rating is used as one of the mechanisms to evaluate performance excellence in  government agencies in the Civil Service.

For this purpose, MAMPU was given the task to perform the Star Rating evaluation based on four main objectives:-

  1. To assess the performance of government agencies in order to ensure that the service delivery in the public sector is at the level of excellence;
  2. To give formal recognition to the agencies which have shown the highest level of good governance and to continuously improve the quality of their services;
  3. To give wide publicity of the policies, strategies and best practices pertaining to the quality of management which has brought success to the organization; and
  4. To promote healthy competition among public sector agencies in organization management and service delivery.

There are three main components which are evaluated:

1. Management:

    a. Organization Management
    b. Financial Management
    c. Human Resource Management
    d. Development of Project Management
    e. ICT Management
2.  Core Services
3.  Client Management

The Ministry of Defence was evaluated for the first time in 2007 with an achievement of 75.07% and a 3 star rating. In 2008, the Ministry acquired 81.48% marks and a 4 star rating. During the last evaluation done by MAMPU in 2010, the Ministry of Defence achieved a total of 94.52% and a 5 star rating. The next evaluation will be conducted in May 2012 and the results are expected in December 2012.


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