5S Certification

5S is a Japanese philosophy that focuses on effective workplace organization and standardized work procedures. 5S is a method or technique used to create and maintain a quality environment in an organization.

There are 5 primary phases of 5S:

To sort and remove what is not needed in the work place.

To organize and neatly place things so that they are easily accessible when needed.

To clean workplace and ensure no dirt on the floor, machinery or equipment.

To standardize and maintain best practises in order to follow the 3 principles of Seiri-Seiton-Seiso.

To discipline and train employees to follow rules and regulations and always adopt a positive attitude in the workplace.

5S Objectives

  1. Create a clean, tidy and systematic workplace for the staff convenience
  2. Increase collaboration among  staff in daily tasks
  3. Create a highly disciplined and prudent culture  among the staff
  4. Ensure work place safety for all employees
  5. Improve the quality of service delivery through kaizen culture and practices

Link to 5S MinDef is http://mindef5s.mod.gov.my


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